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What is a subdomain and what are the advantages and disadvantages of subdomains-

What is a subdomain and what are the advantages and disadvantages of subdomains?

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Today I will discuss "What is a domain?" But "what is a subdomain?" It is probably unknown to many. So for their benefit, today we are discussing "What is a subdomain?" Hopefully, after reading the entire post, you will find out details about the "subdomain".
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What is a subdomain?

What is a subdomain?
Domain vs Subdomain

A subdomain is another domain created using some keywords/words before your domain name. Such as; is a subdomain. It is made under You can place many subdomains under your site.
The hosting package you buy will depend on how many subdomains you can create. Packages that we buy with Tk 2,000 / - per year usually do not allow more than 2/3 subdomains to be created. I can't even have one. So before buying a host ask, "How many subdomains can be created?

Creating a Subdomain: http: // www. Subdomain name.your domain

However, the domain is a specific IP address. So for the convenience of remembering, the domain name is used instead of the IP address.

advantages and disadvantages of subdomains
And the sub-domain is the branch domain of all these main domains, that is to say in simple terms, the subdomain is another domain within a domain. Usually, a subdomain is created by adding new words to the front or back of the original domain name. Keeping in mind the business benefits and visitors, most top-level domains are added to another domain, subdomain, under that domain. The advantages and disadvantages of the subdomain are discussed below.

Suppose you have a paid custom domain, here you can use that paid custom domain as a subdomain. To get a better understanding of my blog this is my custom domain here. You can create a subdomain with my custom domain name like Creates a subdomain with the name of your blog. You can also see the simple steps below. However, today I will show you how to do subdomain with GoDaddy, as well as the work of other domain companies.
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what are the advantages and disadvantages of subdomains

Subdomain benefits:

  • URLs for subdomains are usually very small in size.
  • You can separate and manage DNS for subdomains.
  • You can use a different template as you wish for the subdomain
  • A subdomain allows you to easily manage as well as post.
  • Like the main domain, you can use the opportunity to create an internal link within the subdomain.

Difficulty in a subdomain:

  • In general, the subdomain is technically an independent site. So your main domain will not be affected by the rank of your subdomain.
  • All URLs in a subdomain site, like the main domain, must be individually indexed.
  • Just like a domain, you need to do SEO differently for a subdomain because there are no SEO Juicies pass in a subdomain like Sub Url. You can better understand this matter by the SEO expert.
  • As a separate site, you need to manage Webmaster Tools, Analytics, etc.
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