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Ways to bring your blog site to the first page of Google search results- getshelps

Ways to bring your blog site to the first page of Google search results.

Hello friends, Today I will discuss how to get your blog to the first page of search results on my blogsite gets helps. Every blogger dreams of bringing his blog to the first page of search results. However, this is not going to be easy unless you work according to the rules. If you want to bring your blog to the first page on Google, you will be able to work according to the rules.

Bring your blog site to the first page of Google search results.

How to bring your blog website to the first page of Google

If you take the blog site to Google's fast page then the site will have to do better SEO. SEO is search engine optimization. Click to learn about SEO. Below is a look at ways to get your blog website to Google's fast page -

Some rule follows your website rank on Google first page:

There was a time when you could only rank your site by backlinking if your content was copy and paste. But is it possible now! no, impossible. Because Google's panda and penguin updates have changed everything.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
how do SEO (Search Engine Opimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method by which a website or webpage is tried to appear first on the list of search or search results by search engine users. SEO can easily bring your website to Google's fast page. Because of SEO, Google ranks website originally. Google ranks the keywords on your site. I have a post about how SEO can bring your website to Google's fast page.

Click to learn how SEO is done.
  • High-Quality Unique Content: -
Those who used to earn 1000 USD a month from any site before, now can not earn any money from their site, so the content of this is understandable. So for your site to be ranked right now, the value of high-quality unique content is immense. There are many rules for posting, but in my opinion, posting 5% unique 3-5 characters is enough.
Many bloggers find their site over-optimized, thinking they can override the rank by over-wording density or other techniques, in fact, it is more wrong than losing their own site profits. However, one thing does not nyacareli! So forget the old days and move on to the new ones.

  • Guest Blogging: -
Many people do not guest blogging, but at present the role of guest blogging is immense.
However, not all blogs have any benefit for guest blogging. You will certainly be blogging on some authority sites.
These authoritative sites will greatly help to get your blog forward in search results.
Because when you blog on the Authority site they will help you in two ways.
By posting on an Authority site, you are getting a Good Quality Authority backlink which is vital to your site and also makes you well acquainted with the blogging community.
In addition to backlinks for guest blogging, you are getting a lot of targeted visitors.
So is the importance of guest blogging surely everyone understands?

  • Backlinks: -
Whatever you can do for backlinking, Social Bookmark, Forum Posting, Guest Blogging, Link While, Relevant Blog Comment, RSS Submission, Directory Submission, etc, do not add spam.
And there are many people using the software to avoid backlinks, but of course, there are many sites that give free backlinks to these sites.

Comment on your own and other related blogs and answer various questions.
  • Setting up RSS Feeds of Blogs
  • Use the tag in each post.
  • Enter the main keyword and related keyword post to get traffic from the search engine.
  • Try to be different from others: -
There are millions of blog website on the Google search engine. The subject you are writing about can be found in at least a few million articles online. How are you different here? Why do visitors have to read so many millions of articles and articles written by you?

Every area of writing has to be a little unique. This is especially important when it comes to writing on the Internet. In addition to your success in writing, financial success can be had. So whenever you sit in something, always try to be a little different from others. There are many ways to distinguish your writing from the writing of others. One of these is your personal experience, what you are blogging about. Before you write about a topic, do thorough research, learn about it, read others' writings. As a result, you will easily find a way to win your competition.

You can move forward by identifying the gaps others write. The point is that in writing you must be creative and think differently.

  • Never Greed: -
I'm not talking about greed here, money or greed. Here I am referring to the link in your article. Adding links to the Authorized Website or more relevant websites in your article will give the reader many more resources. You don't need to add a link. But many people are worried that if the link to another site does not return those readers or visitors to your site again! But the fact is that linking has no reason to fear you.

If your post has a good link collection, that reader will come back for reference. In addition, your creditworthiness will increase online.

Readers always want to read a helpful post. They will remember if you can discover other good websites in the post. Sharing on the Internet is the key, so don't worry about giving the reader a good website.

  • To inform the reader about your writing first: -
You can see for sure what I mean by looking at the title of this post and the various points based on writing. Just like this, the writing of an author must be taken care of in order to make sense of it. The subject of online writing is very effective. The time it takes to decide whether to read a book or a magazine topic offline, takes less time for the reader to make that decision online.

If you share your posts in point form, readers will easily understand the subject.

You can highlight a topic by highlighting bullet points, lists, or otherwise. There are also some forms of writing which, if followed, can be well presented to the readers.

  • Know Yourself, Understand the Reader: -
Repeated this issue again. Because it matters. You must know what your reader wants. You also know what you can give them

They must be informed. Many times readers are happy to receive a little information. Many times they are keen to understand the whole thing well. At other times, they want to analyze the topic, get different information.

If you understand what your readers are asking for, you will get better readers.

The popularity of a website or blog, traffic depends on the above. If you move away from your niche, you will lose your readership. Because they won't be interested in what you write.

Personal things are definitely good, but it should be related to your site or blog.

  • Accelerate and satisfy the reader with: -
As soon as you get any information, it becomes a trend to cover it quickly and accurately. Whenever any information comes in, everyone tries to spread it through the Internet at the same time. But you must provide an analytical post to satisfy the reader. However, you will not have to think about time apart.

You must give the reader complete information in a short time, otherwise, the reader will go to another site for the same information. Less likely to return to your site.

For example, Google has made some changes and enhancements to their algorithms. It is going to affect how the bloggers? Everyone will try to explain the change to Google. However, in addition to giving you this information, you need to post the fastest time by analyzing what the impact is among bloggers. But if you can take a little time to post more information and graphs, then it will certainly get good popularity as a follow-up article and the reader will be pleased. The key is to give you quick and complete information.

  • Read on to write: -
If you want to write about a topic, you must read more about it. If you read more than one article, you will find much different information about it and get a good idea of what might happen next. For example, one of your competitors has missed a picture, but you can get it through another. As a result, it will be easier to prevent him. In addition, if you read more you will find many ideas for writing.

  • Be different from everyone in terms of creativity:
In keeping with your readers, you must give importance to various topics including story, personal account, case study. As a result, you will be able to convey the topic of your topic differently, strongly and casually from others.

Try to give the reader something better as opposed to what others are doing. Because creativity is the biggest challenge for online writers right now. You must motivate this topic well.

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