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What data entry works and how to do data entry works

What data entry works and how to do data entry works.

What data entry works and how to do data entry works.

Data entry works:

Data Entry job online: With the development of information technology, data and information management of various organizations is increasing at an ever-increasing rate. Data Entry is a computer that transmits certain types of data from one place/program to another in another program/program. Data may be typed into handwritten information on a computer or stored in a spreadsheet file for a program on a computer. The idea of data entry has been around since the beginning of computer use. Currently, the welfare of the Internet has expanded the sharing of information, as well as the increased use of various types of data. Therefore, there is a huge demand for efficient data entry operators. Such tasks can be done alone or in groups, and are often limited to the general use of computers and the Internet. As a result, anyone doing this kind of work can earn Vedic currency at home.

Part-time data entry operator jobs

Where are you find data entry work:

Data entry works are available on the site of the Common Freelance Outsourcing Marketplace. There are many types of websites that are said to provide a huge amount of data entry work. But there is a fixed fee to register on that site. Since before registering you do not know whether the site is really available, it is best to refrain from registering on such sites. There are sites where data entry work is available through free registration -,,,,

Required Skills for data entry works:

Data entry projects require a variety of skills that depend on a project. There are many types of projects that require no expertise other than just copy-paste. But the skills that will always be needed in general are significant - the ability to quickly type, full possession of Microsoft Word and especially Microsoft Excel, and above all, good knowledge of English. He has the ability to search for any information on the internet and get a good idea about different types of websites, forums, web directories.

Types of data entry work:

Among the freelance sites available are the data entry work - uploading files, pictures, etc. to various websites, storing certain information from different sites in a single file in Excel, writing an article on a specific topic for the website, posting a website to various websites, forums, Promote the group, exchange links between the two websites To t (Link Exchange), to help sell products online, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to correct mistakes, etc. derived from the text.

Below is a brief discussion of some of the projects I received last November in the Odesk and Gate-A-Freelancer sites:

Providing local business information with data entry:

In this project, the Buyer's Requirement is to search the Internet and provide information about the names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. of different types of businesses in a particular UK city. Bayer will later use this information for a variety of marketing purposes. To complete this project one must actually search the Internet by the name of that city and save the information received to an Excel file and provide it to Bayer Bayer's budget is $ 5 on the project. However, there is no explanation for exactly how much business information should be provided and how long it should take.

Collecting data from the website:

In this project, Bayer will provide information on some of the websites. As a provider, your job is to save certain data from those sites in the form of another website. You need to make 20 such data entries per hour, that is, one data entry every 5 seconds. No special experience is required to do this, only if you know how to copy and paste. Bayer's budget for the entire job is $ 120.

Audio transcription data entry jobs: 

This project will provide some of the audio files previously recorded by Bayer. Your job is to listen to the audio and write in a file in English or copy it. $ 20 per hour audio file transcript will be paid. This work must be proficient in English.

Document Conversion data entry jobs online:

In this project, you will be given a document file in PDF format. Your task will be to replicate those texts in Microsoft Word. This means that the format, image, footnote, etc. of the PDF text should be permanently replaced in the Word file. The Gate-A-Freelancer has 20 bids for this job and the average price is $ 5.

Classifieds ad listing data entry works:

This project is to add new ads to a classified or classified ads website. For this reason, information about different types of products from sites like Craigslist, Amazon, eBay, etc. should be added to that website and stored in an Excel spreadsheet file. Then email the seller to the product to inform him about the website. Data entry of 4 such products will be required. Bayer's maximum budget for this job is $ 25.

Captcha entry Data entry works: 

Captcha is a type of security code or picture that is to be provided when registering at different sites in combination with a few letters and numbers. Using a program to prevent anyone from completing a registration or form on the site automatically Either. The Get-A-Freelancer job requires 36K or 3,500 captcha entries in two days. For every 1K or 1,000 entries, 1 dollar will be paid, which means the total project cost is $ 5. Since it is not possible for one person to enter so much data in a short period of time, a team of 1 to 5 people will be required to complete the task. If you can do this successfully within two days, Bayer will subsequently allow you to do 1200K, or 12,3,4 captcha entries, which must be done within two weeks.
Learn micro werkers data entry works

Disadvantages of data entry works:

Although the task of data entry is relatively simple, there are many disadvantages to this type of work, which should be taken into consideration before:
  • In the first place, this kind of work gets a lot of bids, so it is very difficult to get a job in the first place. There is basically no chance of proving your talent or skills in this kind of work. However, if a small number of tasks can be successfully completed, there is a possibility that more work can be done from the same Bayer.
  • Data entry tasks are time-consuming, monotonous, and almost boring.
  • Internet speed is very important for many tasks. Especially the tasks that need to be uploaded or the tasks that need to be completed within a short period of time, require a fast internet connection.
  • There are many data entry tasks that are not possible for one person to complete at a given time. For this, a team of 5 to 5 may be needed.
  • The tasks of data entry are to be done very carefully and accurately. So it is very important to have 100 percent accurate typing and full focus during work.

Data entry by programming:

There are many Google data entry jobs that can be done by programming. Even those who are proficient in programming can easily perform data entry tasks. In this case, I can speak of personal experience. The client's request was to bring links to 2, e-commerce websites in the United States and the UK that have no security seal on the website. The client's intention was to send them an e-mail to sell his company's security seal. The total cost of the project was 5 dollars and the deadline was only 5 days. This project was very time-consuming. Because you need to search the site from 1 to 5 and visit those sites to see if there is a security seal on their site. Suppose if all the time spent per minute to do all the work, then the total time required by an operator to work for 5 hours per day for 5 sites is 5 days. I decided to do the job manually without programming and created two programs with PHP - a program that would search the Google and Yahoo directories and store the e-commerce site information in those two countries in a database. Another program will automatically go to each site with information from the database and check if there is a security seal on that site. After creating the program I run two programs on my server via Cron Job. The total time it took to search the program from programming to search took only two days and through this program, I searched 5 sites and found 5 seamless sites.

In fact, data entry work has a huge demand and the scope of work is also very wide. In the first place, it is necessary to bid a little bit patiently and introduce a little intelligence in choosing the job. Particularly, clients who are likely to receive larger projects in the future will have to keep trying. Work alone in the beginning. In the future, if you get big work you can form a team with a few computer operators. Then you can also play an effective role in transforming unemployed people into manpower through data entry tasks.

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