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MicroWorkers - small and easy data entry works earn money online- getshelps.

Microworkers - small and easy data entry works earn money online.

Microworkers small and easy data entry works earn money online.

Many people email me to find out where data entry work is available. I do not encourage anyone to do data entry work. Because these tasks are very difficult to obtain. Moreover, the tasks are monotonous and there is not much income. I, therefore, recommend everyone to learn graphics design. But it is true that graphics work is not easy. This requires a lot of skill and practice, which is not possible for everyone. As a result, there is a tendency in our country to do data entry work among freelancers. In that case, I advise everyone to work from Gate-A-Freelancer. But the key problem here is, the job is very difficult to find. You may have to wait a few weeks, or even a month, to get the first job. No need to wait for work from the site I will introduce you today. From this moment you can get used to it.

How is the microbe done?

The best micro job site is -

jobboy, How is the microbe done?
At first sight, I found the site very nice and easy. It looks like data entry freelancers will accept this site.

The main objectives of the micro job are:

jobboy, How is the microbe done?

  • There is no bid to work here. 
  • Tasks are very short, it usually takes from 5 minutes to 5 minutes to complete each task. 
  • You have to provide proof that you have actually done the job. For this reason, clicking on the "I accept this job" link below the job description will show a textbox. You will find the description of the proof along with the description of the work.
  • Since the tasks are small, the amount of money is also small, each work starts at $ 5 to $ 5.
  • About every hour new jobs come.
  • You can do one task at a time.
  • If the total income is $ 10 you can withdraw money.
  • There are 2 ways to withdraw money - PayPal and Payza.

Types of microwork:

Below are the types of jobs available and the lowest prices available -
jobboy, type of microjob

  •  Like the Facebook page, earn $ 0.10: A specific word must be commented on the website mentioned in the job description.
  • Follow my Twitter $ 0.10: To follow a Twitter account mentioned in the description, you need to have an account at
  • Simple sign up (2 fields) $ 0.10: Registering at the site mentioned in the description, giving only two information. You need to provide an email address when registering. My suggestion is to create a different account for this type of work and register it. Otherwise, you will not be able to find a useful email because of the spam email.
  • Complex Sign up $ 0.15: Registering at the specified size so that more information can be given.
  • Digg my page $ 0.10: Digg for a site page. That's why you need to have an account at
  • Text link to a website $ 0.20: Provide the URL of the client's site with a link to one of your sites or blogs, or post it to another forum as the client demands.
  • Review of my site + Link $ 0.30: Make a post and link to your blog in English on the client site.
  • Download and Install $ 0.50: Download and install any software.
  • Complate simple survey earn 0.20 $.

jobboy, type of microjob date entry

Tips about microworkers-

I have searched the internet about the site. Most said it well. In different freelance marketplaces, I saw more sites being created by cloning this site. As a result, I believe it is possible to make real money from this site. I did two things while testing the site. I want to see if they really make money by earning at least 5 dollars. Although it would cost me a lot of time to do it, where I make a lot more income than I do programming. Even then, if I get money from this site, I can give a simple way to those who want to work data entry.

You can try out the site. If you have problems while working, please let me know via a comment in this article, I'll try to answer. If anyone can raise money, you must know.

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