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How To Start A Domain Hosting Business. What does domain hosting business require-

How To Start A Domain Hosting Business What does domain hosting business require?

How To Start A Domain Hosting Business

At present, many are interested in hosting business. So many people have asked me about this. Everyone should remember that web hosting business is no way to become a big man fast. Must have a lot of patience and computer and technical knowledge. To become a solid and successful hosting company, however, computer science must be the background. But people from other backgrounds and if they have a computer and technical knowledge, this business can succeed

How to Start Your Domain Hosting Business?

How to Start Your Hosting Business?

How to Start Your Domain Hosting Business?

If you want to start a hosting business, it depends on a few things about how you get started. Number one is your budget and number two is your business planning. If you have a very low budget, you can start with a reseller. If you want to come up with a better budget then you can start with VPS or dedicated server. If your business plan is to be a slow customer chip, then you can start with a reseller. If the company will be established within the next 6 months by planning such and many customers chip, then VPS or dedicated. Below are the resellers, VPSs, and dedicated servers.
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What is overselling?

Overselling is that you can buy 1GB reseller hosting and sell 5GB-20GB. Let me explain a little more. Suppose you take a 4GB reseller and sell 5 GB total at 5 GB. One of the 5 accounts used 20 MB, 2 people 3 MB and 2 people used 5 MB. So your total use is 5 MB. That means you still have 3 MB faucet out of 5 GB. You will be able to continue selling your packages until the end of this 5 MB. This is basically overselling.

Preparing to start a hosting busines- 

  • How much time do you spend behind this business? - Every customer wants 24-hour support. And that's a big factor in making a business successful. So ask yourself first whether you will be able to give the customer 24 hours technical support. 
  • How much do you know about hosting software and hosting technology? - Have you got the knowledge about hosting software and server before starting a hosting business? If you do not have the necessary knowledge about this, you cannot do business in hosting. Therefore, you must have the necessary knowledge in this regard. 
  • How much money do you want to invest in this business? - Hosting business will require a domain, hosting, web site, billing software, marketing budget, etc. 
  • Do you hire an Employee? - You decide whether to start a business or hire an employee. If you are single, you will have to provide sales, technical support and you will have lower costs. But you will spend more time. 
  • Resources needed for hosting business - 

    1. Domain (business name) First you have to decide on a nice name for the hosting business. You can see a link to for domain preference issues.
    2.  Web site - You must have a web site to do web hosting business. Because your business will be controlled from this web site. If you are a web designer yourself, you can design your own site. Then your costs will decrease somewhat. If you are not a designer, you can design a web from any company. The cost will be $ 5-6 dollars. Or you can buy readymade designs. The cost will be $ 20-20. The design is unique and may not be. If the budget is low, the design will not be unique. I always recommend unique designs. Because the same design can be confused if you use multiple sites and the same visitor uses two sites. And many may think the design was copied.
    3. Billing Software - Billing software is very important for the hosting business. If you have billing software, everything will be automation. Adding convenience and payment automation to keep your business accountable, as soon as the customer pays, the customer's hosting account will be created and the info will go to email. So you don't have to worry about creating an account. You can get this billing software for free with Reseller Hosting / VPS / Dedicated Server or you can buy it from the Billing Software Vendor site. If you buy the software, the cost will be $ 5-6 for the monthly license. Or you can buy with one-time money. In that case $ 25- $ Billing Software Recommendations: - The rated billing management software. - A very close match with WHMCS, in my opinion, the design is much nicer and the admin control panel is more user-friendly.
    4. Reseller Hosting / VPS / Dedicated Server: Hosting To do business you can buy Reseller Hosting, VPS or Dedicated Server. Reseller hosting packages can be seen in the market up to 5-8 GB. And the price is 8-20 bucks a year. These prices depend on the quality of service. If you buy VPS, it will go for 3-5 months. Dedicated Server 8-20 Bucks a month.
    5. Office: If you want a business, you can do it at home. Or you can rent and rent office space. The customer will not have one at the beginning so he can manage the business from home. If you rent an office it will vary the area to rent. The rent can be Tk. 20-20,000 per month. And the decoration can be up to 1 thousand 1.5 lakhs. It depends on what kind of decoration you do. And while renting the office, you have to pay in advance. The area is piercing and different, but it will be in the range of 1 to 1.5 lakh.
    6. Marketing plan: To get the customer, both online and offline marketing has to be done. Online Marketing - You can participate in discussions by joining various forums. Offline marketing - You can advertise every month in computer magazines, magazines, etc. It can cost up to 5-7 per month. You can also talk about your hosting service with your contacts. You can also ask a few people to give their opinion about your service with free service. If you can please the first customers, then there will be many customers available for reference.

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