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Tips to increase the Alexa Rank of the blog or site- getshelps

Tips to increase the Alexa Rank of the blog or site

Hello friends, Today I will discuss and give some tips about Alexa Rank on my blog site
We generally consider the value of a site based on its Alexa ranking. Alexa ranking usually depends on the traffic of a site. Alexa is an Amazon product. The lower the Alexa ranking, the less popular the site is. That's why Alexa ranking is definitely important for a site. But one thing to be aware of is that depending on the Alexa ranking of a site, it is not possible to get a complete idea of the site's visitor or traffic. There are many popular sites that have thousands of visitors every day but Alexa ranking is more than a few million, while many websites have a good number of rankings.

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What is Alexa Traffic Rank?

Alexa Traffic Rank is determined according to Alexa Quarterly (6 months) calendar time. Where millions of users visit different sites using the Alexa Toolbar. First of all, Alexa calculates the page view of each site. Alexa Rank mainly depends on where the visitors are coming from or from a source on your site, and how much time they spend on your site as well as whether they are going from page to page or page view. Internal linking plays a vital role in enhancing good page views. Alexa Quarterly (6 months) Your site's rank may change (may increase or decrease) as time goes on. For example: Suppose that your site's ranking is showing on the 1st of July, the same as in the first quarter of the year and the same in the second quarter.

Alexa Rank really important?

From the above discussion, Alexa Rank is needed. Of course, many of me have had better experiences with Alexa. However, as much as we are obsessed with Google Page Rank and work towards its development, Alexa Rank is important to do in this regard. Because the ranking of the two categories for your site is very important.

How to increase Alexa rank

Tips To Increase Alexa Rankings:

Claim your blog/site in Alexa and update the site descriptions and contact info.
Claim your site by clicking this link by submitting the URL of your blog/site to Alexa first. Here you have to verify your blog/site, verify the verification code by placing it on the site or downloading the file and uploading it to the site. Once verified, come to Step 2, updating all data on your site (site titles, descriptions, logos, licensing country, site Owners, etc.) and contact info. The diameter is gone.

Use Alexa's Widgets on the site

Use Alexa Site Info Widgets at this stage. This will help you, directly and indirectly, to get a good rank. So place the Alexa Traffic Widget and Review Widget 2 sites containing your site's data.

Install the Alexa Toolbar in your browser

Those who do webmaster work have to think a lot about Alexa. This is very important with Alexa's toolbar playing a number of effective roles in rapidly increasing the site's rank. Download the Alexa Toolbar from this link and install it in your browser. And restart your browser. The Alexa toolbar pops up in your browser.

Arrange a number of reviews on Alexa with feedback

Many think that reviews are a big factor in lowering Alexa's rank. So people have to take action to provide the Zeno reviews about the site. You can also inspire known friends and site visitors to review your site. Alexa site reviews You need to have an account in Alexa. No problem even if not directly, you can log in with your Facebook account. And if Alexa had previously been accounted for then it would not matter. (Login with Facebook account and give reviews if you do not have an account, you do not have to worry about opening a new account.)

how to improve Alexa ranking:

  • Posting regularly, it really helps a lot. And do exactly SEO / blogs as well because good traffic Alexa rankings have a big impact.
  • Internal linking between posts will increase the page view and reduce the bounce rate. And which would be helpful in lowering Alexa's rank faster, because Alexa gives page views and bounce rates a reduction.
  • I sometimes write reviews on your site location in Alexa. Having a post like this helps a lot. Also, write about Alexa Toolbar and suggest it to use, so that your visitors will be inspired by Alexa Toolbar installed in the browser.
  • Alexa on the web site grows rapidly because almost all of them are installed in the Alexa toolbar browser. And if not related to webmasters, you can occasionally post webmasters in a category of others as an experience share.

Hopefully, the post will not only benefit bloggers but also freelancers as there are so many jobs available in the freelance marketplaces. If someone disagrees, do it. And if you like the post, be sure to thank you in the comments.

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