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What is domain and hosting? How does it work-

What are domain and hosting? How does it work- getshelps

What are domain and hosting? How does it work

Assalamu Alaikum, hope everyone is well. In today's post, we are asking "What are domain and hosting? How do they usually work? I will talk about this in detail. Let's find out -

What is Domain?

What are domain and hosting? How does it work

Domain An English word Bangla means a place or address that is used in the Internet world. Basically, a domain name usually refers to the name of a website.

Suppose you set up a business and give a nice and unique name so that people can easily understand what kind of service you are offering. Next, when people go to your service, you can easily find your business company with the name you gave. Examples can be said of: - Firstly, Pran, RFL, Arrow, Jamuna, Bashundhara. These are basically the names of a business organization that we can easily understand what kind of service they provide and how people find their address easily.

The domain is exactly the name people will find on your favorite website. This domain name will uniquely identify your website, as well as everyone, will recognize and access your website using that name. Each website has a specific IP address. For example- Usually, it is difficult to remember a website with an IP address. So for the convenience of remembering, the domain name is used instead of the IP address. In addition, the domain name is used to identify one or more computers on the Internet.

This is not the only domain with a .com extension. These are used mainly on purpose. Hope you understand the examples below. For example:

The .com ( Extension is used for general purpose or business.
The .org ( Extension is used for organizing.
The .edu ( extension is used for educational institutions.
The .gov ( extension is used for governmental-state organizations.
The information site uses the .info ( Extension for this.
For this networking site, a .net ( extension is used.

All of the above-mentioned domains are Top Level Domains. If you want to use them on your website, you will need to pay for registration or purchase. The price of a domain is lower than that of the provider. Usually, these domains are priced between Rs. However, those who buy for one year have to renew every year like trade licenses.

In addition, with the change of time, various types of extensions have come to the advantage of the users. You can also select the Targeted Niche Select Extensions. Eg .health; .club; .fun; .cat; .design; .shop; .service etc.

The website or Bolg has been created with the (.COM) domain and other domains, which account for 12 percent of the websites on the Internet. That means people generally think about it, that any website ends with a (.COM) domain extension. So if you have the opportunity, using.COM Domain Extensions would be perfect for you

How Domains Work?

Normally when you type a website address into a browser's address bar, the domain works by following these steps:

For example: When you access the website, the following actions will be performed:
  • First, the browser searches for IP addresses.
  • The request is then sent to the SG nameserver.
  • Next, accept the SG request and connect it to the local server to the primary server. 
  • The primary nameserver's IP address is sent to the local name server of
  • Final, that site is displayed in the browser

What is web hosting?

What is web hosting? domain hosting

Web hosting is a service through which your website will be open 24 hours a day and 7 days a year. The website can be displayed worldwide.

For example, you have a business shop and have just registered trade licenses for that store. So will any people come to your store? Buyers will come to your store to buy the goods they need, just like you would in a variety of stores. At the same time, the larger your store, the more goods you can keep and sell to customers.

Likewise, if you just register a domain or purchase it, it will display as long as your computer is on or turned on if you want it to display the worldwide if you like. Because there is no hosting package purchased for your website that is currently running.

Basically, the content, images, videos, and various files on your website require a space or place to run 24 hours a day, and 3 days a year. And the designated space or place is called Website Hosting or Hosting. Again, hosting is usually called a server and sometimes it is also called a web server.

However, you can put your website on your home computer or PC. But does your home PC turn on 24 hours a day and 7 days a year? So, without any risk of saving some money, people usually buy different types of hosting.

That's how hosting works:

When someone searches the domain of your website in the browser and searches the Internet, the domain name will be converted to IP address and taken to the web hosting company's computer where the content, images, videos, and various files of your website have been stored. The files stored there are immediately sent to the visitor or the user's browser. Then the user can see the website. This is how basic web hosting works.

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