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How to create a successful youtube channel step by step- gets helps

How to create a successful youtube channel-

How to make a successful youtube channel
 At this time, video means YouTube. It's really hard to find someone who uses the Internet but doesn't use YouTube. There are almost all types of videos on YouTube, from education, entertainment, sports, news, technology, decoration, cooking, and travel. Just as YouTube has become a unique medium of education and entertainment, YouTube is also a popular way to make money today. By creating a channel on YouTube you can earn as much as you can independently.

To be a successful YouTuber, you must demonstrate patience and integrity. The content of your video must be unique. With the creation of a channel, thousands of views and subscribers will become or thousands of money will be earned - it is not right to think. Time and labor have to be paid for success.
How to make a successful youtube channel

Channel topic:

The first thing you need to do is decide what you work on. You can create channels on YouTube with topics like education, entertainment, technology, cooking, fashion, travel, fun videos. However, creating a channel on a specific topic has the potential to be more acceptable to the viewer. Now video blogs or blogging are also very popular.

Channel Name:

You can give a unique channel name by adjusting the content of your video. Use channel tags and keywords which will help your audients find your channel.


YouTube's income is essentially indirect income (passive income). A portion of the revenue generated by advertising on YouTube videos is paid to the video creator or creator. There is no equation that will generate so many dollars if a thousand views. You can't monetize a video as soon as you open the channel. on YouTube. In order to earn from YouTube, you need to participate in the YouTube Partner Program If your channel has at least one subscriber and four thousand hours of watch time in 12 months, it may apply for monetization. But if your channel has more subscribers and the video view is too high, you can try to get sponsors out of YouTube's earnings. Earnings can also be made by reviewing or reviewing different products.

How to increase views:

Add appropriate and interesting titles and thumbnails to your videos. You can increase the number of views of the video by sharing it on social media. Add another video or playlist to the end screen during the video upload (upload) to YouTube. Add the correct video descriptions. Sort videos by playlist by category. Use relevant video tags. You can use tools like TubeBuddy or VidIQ for tag research. Apart from this, you can also pay a boost.


You must adhere to the Copyright and Community Guidelines. If you do not follow these instructions, your monetization may be terminated, or your channel may be closed. Copyright and Community Guidelines have three strikes. There are instances when a video is deleted for a strike, stops live streaming, or a video cannot be uploaded. The channel was closed on the third strike. But if you think your copyright strike was mistaken - you can issue a counter-notification.

How to create and organize a YouTube channel:

  1. Go to Sign in with Gmail by clicking on Sign In at the top right.
  2. Click on the round channel icon at the top right and click on My Channel. Use of YouTube as ... a box will appear. If a two-word channel is named, write it down in two cells. If you do not have a two-word channel name, create a channel by clicking Use a business or other name below.
  3. Clicking Create a video or post (the icon added to the camera) on the top right-hand side will get the Upload video and Go live options. Upload a creative video you can also post the schedule. Publish videos by clicking on Publish, adding video titles, video descriptions, tags, thumbnails, and playlists.
  4. Add Channel Icon and Channel Art by clicking on Customize Channel from My Channel. Add the Channel Trailer. Sort Home Page Create pa playlist 
  5. Add channel descriptions, e-mails, locations, social media links by clicking on About.
  6.  Verify the channel with a mobile number by clicking on the Verify option next to Status and Features.
  7.  Channel Branding by clicking on Branding from Channel.
  8. Add End Screen & Annotation to Video Manager. You can see different data from Analytics.

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