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Earn money from Bangla Blog without Google Adsense (monthly earn 3,000-50,000 tk.)

Earn money from Bangla Blog without Google Adsense (monthly earn 3,000-50,000 tk.)

Make money from blog
make money from Bangla blog

Hello friends, How are you today. Today I will discuss how to make money without Adsense of your blog.
Revenue from a blog means that we generally understand how to earn with Google Adsense. But many of us do not know that Google Adsense is not the only way to start a blog.

Besides Google Adsense, there are thousands of ways in which you can earn even more money from Google Adsense.

But yes, they are almost all of the advantages of a blog in English. But for those of us who work with Bangla Blog, there are really few ways to earn a Bangla blog.

So most of us Bangla bloggers do not choose Google Adsense as the only way to earn from our blog. However, Google Adsense for Bangla site from Bangladesh can not earn a lot of money because the CPC of Bangladesh is very low.

An English blog site where you can earn up to $ 1-10 per 1,000 visitors from Google Adsense.

There we usually receive or earn up to 1 to 5 dollars for every 1,000 visitors to a blog site in Bangla. (If visitors come from all over Bangladesh and India)

Then we can understand how those who are working with Bangla blog earn less money from a Bangla blog.

However, if we try to earn more revenue from our Bangla blogs, not just relying on Google Adsense, we can see that we can earn a good amount of money from our Bangla blog sites for every 1,000 visitors a month. At the end

So today I will talk to you about the things that you can earn from your Bangla blog in addition to Google Adsense.

5 ways to earn from Bangla blog without Google Adsense

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

What a surprise, not surprisingly; Currently, you can do affiliate marketing on Bangla blog too. Because Amazon and Alibaba don't have to rely on such big e-commerce sites to join affiliate programs anymore. At present, e-commerce websites in Bangladesh have also started offering affiliate program services. is an e-commerce website. You may already be aware of this site. Bdshop is a popular e-commerce website in Bangladesh. They usually sell products related to different technologies. So you can easily promote affiliate link from bdshop through your Bangla blog site and if you buy any product from that link then you will get a commission from the dividend of that product. usually pays a 3-5% commission on each product.

If your Bangla blog site has 5,000 visitors a day, and if the average 3 products are sold through the affiliate link of your Bdshop given on your site, I assume if the price of each product is Tk 5,000. Then you get 5 products; 1% = 1 taka for 1 rupee and therefore you get 1000 * 5 = 5000 rupees for 5 products, which means you can earn as much as 4 rupees per day through affiliate marketing. If you have around 5,000 visitors to your blog site, your blog may be more than the revenue and maybe less.
Which is nothing less than Google Adsense but I would say more.

Local Sponsor

When you have a Bangla blog. And there will be a lot of visits, but you can get a variety of local sponsors. For this, you need to give your site contact form well. So that anyone can contact you very easily if that's the case.

You can also apply for sponsorship to local companies around you if you wish. If your blog's performance is good by displaying analytics reports on your site, then you should not have to worry too much about getting sponsors. This way, and if you want, you can earn money from your blog site in the month.

Your own business building

When a lot of good content is given to your Bangla blog, if your site starts to get visitors, then you can sell different products that you own and make income through your blog.

Because when you have a blog it means that you have a lot of people who reach out to your blog every day to read your article. So you can use these visitors to build your business. Depending on your content, you can advertise your product and earn a profit by selling your product from there. But you don't have to find another customer. Visitors to your blog will be your customers. This way he can earn from your blog.

Can Do Email Marketing (CPA Marketing)

If you want, you can do email marketing on your Bangla blog. For this you need to have an email verification on your blog, then when your visitors enter your site, your verification will be verified by their e-mail and you can collect and use those e-mails for various purposes. You can send your various services to those emails or sell those e-mails to different service provider organizations.

This way you can earn from your blog. This way you can earn a good amount of money from your blog. If you can collect 1 thousand e-mails every month then sell each e-mail for 5 rupees and the price for that email will be 1000 * 5 = 50thousand rupees.

Then you can understand that and you can earn a buck a big amount of money.

Sell Your Skill Through Blog

If you are proficient in a job, you can use that skill to earn from the blog. Because when there are enough visitors to your blog, your visitors will always want to know about you, then they will go to your blog about us page and find out if you are capable of doing this, then any of them who were looking for someone to do that job but you. Want to interact with you and get that job done from you and you can easily find the middle of your skill. By doing away with the income from their work to your blog, and you can sell your skills, and you can earn thousands of money from your blog.

Making a new blog is as easy as it is easy to earn from a well-known blog. So you think of the new visitor without thinking about income. Remember that if you have a visitor to your blog, you will earn.

And to bring visitors to the visitor blog, you must publish good content from the beginning.

And when you regularly publish good article articles, it doesn't take long for your blog site to become popular.
And when you have enough visitors to your blog site, there will be various ways to earn from your blog and at the end of the month, you can earn a large amount of money easily.

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