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How a developer earns money from makeing mobile apps-

How a developer earns money from making mobile apps.

How a developer earns money from a mobile app.

The news of being a millionaire or billionaire is often matched by the revenue from the mobile app. It is heard that many people in the country earn a lot of money from the app. To many, the matter is a bit confusing. They wonder how much revenue they get from the free app. Let's take a look at that.

Over time, the use of smartphones is increasing. Many people now say that smartphones are the time. So why is this device so popular? You can find the answer if you look a little. The reason behind this is that the app or app wins. Now, these apps have made it much easier. Because of this, reliance on smartphones is increasing. The demand for new apps is also increasing.

How Developers Income From Android App

Developers are risking the demand to create different types of apps. Writing an app will provide answers to the questions of how they earn.

The developers have created three types of apps. Therefore, there are three types of mobile app based on revenue or revenue. These apps are more popular on iOS and Android operating systems.

Both Apple and Google have their own Marketplace for iOS and Android operating systems.

Paid App

When developers create paid apps and open them in the marketplaces, users can download the app by paying a certain amount of money if they use it.

In this case, the cost of an app can be 5 cents, five dollars. If an app costs 5 dollars and sells one hundred, it doesn't matter if the developer gets $ 5.

5 percent of the income will be taken to the App Stores. That means the developer will get 1 dollar from 5 dollars. However, it may be less at the store. Google Play Store does not support paid apps for Bangladesh.

In-App Purchase

In this case, the main app is free. But the user has to spend dollars to get some benefits inside the app. As such, the Clash of Clan game is completely free. But if you want to play the game faster then you have to buy James. From this the developer earns. But in this case, stores will have to pay a percentage.

In-App Purchase App is currently in high demand. Google Play Store for Bangladesh does not yet support In-App Purchase like Paid App. So native developers just have to upload free app.

Free App

The only free app can be uploaded from the account of developers from Bangladesh in the Google Play Store. In this case, the developers upload a free app. They use advertising to earn from it.

Adobe is one of the most popular mediums for advertising use. These ads are typically paid by developers on a cost per click/cost per mile basis. This is how the developers earn from the free app.
Learn about graphic design.

How to learn to create a mobile app? Basic knowledge.

How to learn to create a mobile app? Basic knowledge.

There is so much to learn in mobile app development, like learning, you have to spend a lifetime learning to learn everything. No work should be done. Talk about Android. Such as layout, fragment, network, notification, service, location, map, database, image, rest, and more. So learn everything?

It doesn't take everything in one project. Since a project does not take everything, it does not make sense to learn everything. Know what you need to know. You can get an idea of what works, or get afloat.
To know what to learn, one must first have a basic knowledge. For example, you need to have an idea about Java programming for Android. Then you need to know how to create a simple android app. In addition to creating a simple app, you need to have a clear idea of what kind of app you want to create.

If you want to create an alarm clock, you probably need to know about the service. You know about it well. Then your alarm clock app is created. If you want to create a to-do app, you probably need to know about SQLite, about ListView. Knowing these can start building your app. Learning all things well will waste your time, not work. So knowing what kind of app to create, then you can know the things better. You need to be focused on.

There is no need to be completely focused again. Give an example. I heard later that I need to learn Java programming. But Java programming does not clear an Android app creation code. Just the numbers. I just want to learn how to create an app. ”No need to be so focused. If we do not know, we must learn.

Answering the above question. We need to do a lot of logical work when creating an app, so we need the core concepts of Java programming, including math part, conditional, function, OOP, control statement. Again, we have to work with our data to make the app. Then the data structures need to be related to the relevant concepts. If we do not know these and we start to build the app, then maybe Hello World! I can create a type app. But from this, the app will start spinning when you see an app or code.
Whatever you do, Pasha Pashi is learning something new. Spend a specific time each day learning. be well. Good luck

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