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Make money from Teespring by selling t-shirts

Earn money from Teespring by selling t-shirts
Designing T-shirts and selling online is not new news. However, this concept of espresso has brought about radical change. From t-shirt design to promotion (various social marketing), order-taking, product production, and delivery - Teespring has introduced a new trend. As a result, Teespring has become increasingly popular among designers from other T-shirt production organizations.

How To make money from Teesspring.

What is Teespring?

how to earn money from
Teespring ( is a free online platform for custom tee-shirt designing and sales. The United States-based company was founded by Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton in Providence, Rhode Island, in 2011.

How does Teespring work?

Earn money from Teespring by selling t-shirts, How does Teespring work?

Teespring invites graphic designers to print designs on t-shirts. Designers use their own custom tooling or upload designs made with other designing tools to print specific categories (such as basic, long live, tank tops, hoodies, v-neck, etc.). However, the condition of printing is that the customer will have to pre-order the specified number of T-shirts online within the stipulated time. And to ensure that, the designers promoted T-shirts designed by them through various communications. The Tipspring Authority selects for a design print only if a specified number of t-shirts are ordered within the stipulated time. Then the Tipspring T-shirts are shipped to their respective customers within a stipulated time. And the dividend received from this deal was shared by Tisping and the designers in a fixed ratio.

For whom is Teespring useful?

Those who have minimal ideas in designing can design t-shirts using Teesping's custom tool. And those who are fairly experienced in designing can integrate with a custom design tool using the other tools, such as the design tipping tool. However, many campaigns have been popular and successful only through the use of custom tool features (text / clip-art / color). A good, unique IDE is enough in this case.

However, the maximum success of the campaign depends on the promotion of the design. The more people who have good ideas about marketing online, especially through social media, the greater their success. This is not always the case for paid marketing; Free, organic marketing also provides good success. That is, the important thing is to generate the idea by designing the community that you are targeting and then present them to all possible methods.

The Teespring Campaign

Creating designs for Teespring, pricing, setting a 'Goal' for selling a minimum number of T-shirts within a given time, promoting various ways to achieve 'goals' (usually, most often paid / organic on Facebook) and receiving the maximum number of orders at the given time. The confirmation process is called the Campaign in the Tisping Community. The campaign is executed by the designer himself, after which the Teespring authority issues (pre-order acceptance, printing, shipment, etc.).

The beginning of a Teespring campaign

How does Teespring work?

At this stage, we will see how to manage a Teespring Campaign. The tasks are discussed in step by step.
  1. Creating Design: First you have to click on the Start Designing link from the Teesspring website ( As a result, there will be a page containing custom tools for Tisping for designing. From there you can design t-shirts using the following features.
  2. Text: From the Text tab, the input of text, font selection, font color, text outline, outline color, etc. are determined. However, the text box on the canvas should be scaled to determine the text size.
  3.  Art: To add a clip-art to the design, under the Art tab, you can add one or more art from different categories by clicking the Browse Artwork button. Or, you can add your own design by clicking the Upload Your Own button.
  4. T-shirt color selection: T-shirt color can be selected from the color palette on the right side of the canvas.
  5. T-Shirt Style Selection: From the Design and Style dropdown, select any one of the designs and the specific T-shirt from that category. However, it is best to make this work before the design starts. After the design is completed, you have to click on the Sell This button.
  6. Setting Goals: This step determines the minimum number of T-shirts be printed when ordered. Here the potential profit will come from the base price of the t-shirt, as well as the number of t-shirts. However, selecting additional designs, styles and colors from here displays a range of estimated prices; That is, it remains undefined for relevant reasons (since, it cannot be said before that your sales goals will be fulfilled with some color and style, and the price for a single color or design is definitely different).
When the setting is finished you have to click on the Next button.
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Add a subscription in

  • Campaign Title: In this section, a campaign title should be written with the design attractive and relevant.
  • DESCRIPTION: A campaign-based description of the campaign is typed in this section. Notably, basic formatting can be done from the toolbar when you want descriptive texts.
  • Category and Subcategories: From here, the target audience's category and subcategory can be selected for the campaign.
  • Campaign Length: The length of the campaign is determined here. Usually, a minimum length can be selected from a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 22 days.
  • URL: A URL for the t-shirt can be set from here on the Teespring website.
  • Display Options: If the front and back sides of the t-shirt are designed on both sides, which side of the website will be the default can be determined under the display options.
Finally, the campaign can be started by clicking on the LAUNCH button.

In this case, the campaign can be launched using Facebook, Gmail or other email services. So the product will go live on Teespring's website and anyone can order.

If you want to make any modification to the campaign or to access it, you have to click on the Campaigns link from the Teespring account dropdown. All campaigns created here are closed. Modifications can be made for each campaign individually. That is why you have to do this by clicking on the icons like Edit, Settings, Analytics on the right side of the campaigns. Generally, all settings can be controlled in the account dashboard, including the current status of the campaign (order, payment information). But to use important settings, you must apply good skills and analysis capabilities. In that case, other campaigners, including the official Facebook page of Tisping and YouTube channels, can be followed for ideas.

However, part of the task of the Teespring Campaign is to essentially achieve the goal in the allotted time through online marketing in all ways possible. In this case, Paid / Organic Marketing will have to be managed for other search engines including Google and other communication with Facebook. We will look at other topics including marketing in the next phase.


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