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The simplest way to make money online is by blogging-

The simplest way to make money online is by blogging

The simplest way to make money online is by blogging

Before you know how to earn money from your blog, your blog knowledge must be fully realized. I mean, you have to have all the knowledge and knowledge on what a blog means, how to make a blog and how to earn a blog online.

Don't worry, in this post I will tell you about "what or who says a blog" and "how to earn a blog online". So first let's know what a blog means.

Before I talk about what and how to make a blog, and how to make online income from blogging, I want to tell you one thing. Today, in many places, India, the USA, China, people have taken up blogging as their career.

Do you want to make money online by blogging or by sharing an article on a blog? Then you should not think of yourself alone for this matter. There are now many bloggers who are making a lot of money online by blogging or sharing articles. If you want to spend a little bit of time, but not too much, you can earn a few bucks a month. But if you want to make a lot of money, you have to spend a lot of time on part-time, even if you do not opt for blogging. Because of this, if you do not have a lot of time and labor, you will not be able to get a good quality Amount. So if someone shows you an alluring strategy of making money online, that would be pointless.

The kind of bloggers all wants to earn some money from their blogs. That is also true of me. Because when a blog gets on a good platform, this topic automatically goes to the blog admin's head on how to make some money from my blog. But then things start to swirl in our heads.
  • Is it really possible to make money by blogging?
  • Is it possible for everyone to make money from blogging, or can few people do it?
  • Is it possible to make money online by simply writing an article on a blog?
The above simple questions are wandering around in almost everyone's head. As a result, many leave this path without having any answers to these simple questions. And Maximum people think that it is not possible for everyone to make money by blogging, it can be done by a small number of people. But I'm saying it's possible for everyone. All you need is your talent, time and labor. By using these three things you will be able to earn good quality (Smart Amount) money online simply by sharing blogging or articles.

What is a blog or what is a blog called?

Simply put, the blog is like a diary of yours. A diary where you can write whatever you like in your mind. You can write stories, tutorials, SMS, poetry, magazines and articles and articles about anything. Only, be careful that what you write is so accurate and completely clear.

Ways to Make Money by Blogging:

There is a way for the bride to earn money from the blog. But, in all ways, the best and most income-earning way is 3.

There are three ways to earn from a blog - Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing and product promotion.

Today, people are earning thousands of money from their blogs in any one of these three ways.

Earn money from the blog by Google Adsense:

Google AdSense is the easiest and most trusted way to earn online from a blog or website. AdSense is a service or program by Google that displays advertising on your blog or website, giving you a chance to make money.

Income by Affiliate Marketing:

After the Google Adsense blog "Affiliate Marketing" is the best way to earn money online today. Marketing in Affilia is a very straightforward thing.

Here, your income is given a commission. Let's not know what affiliate marketing is.

Earn money by promoting a local product

After Google AdSense and affiliate marketing, there is another easy way to earn money by writing a blog and this is possible through "Local Product Promotion".

When a lot of traffic and visitors are starting to come to your blog, you will be able to advertise anything in your local place or shop on your blog.

How to get started blogging?

In this post, I will not discuss it in detail. Let me briefly discuss how to get started. We will discuss these issues in detail later in different posts, InshaAllah.

First of all, I am saying that no one can become rich or rich by making money by blogging. But it is undoubtedly true that a smart Amount of good quality can make money. There are several ways to make money online. You have to choose which way you want to go first. If you want to make money by blogging, then you have to select what you want to blog about. Choose something that you are passionate about. Don't choose something you don't know or know well about. For example, most Bangladeshi bloggers are bloggers who start blogging without any knowledge. Later, it is possible to copy the content of their blog. I tell these bloggers that you will never succeed. Continue blogging only on topics that you clearly understand well. In this case, you can follow some more techniques. You can choose a topic that no one else is blogging about or even fewer people. In this case, your compactor will be reduced and your chances of getting a visitor will increase. And the increase in visitors means the amount of revenue from your blog. However, no matter what you are writing about, the writing is completely unique. I cannot use any copied content.

Secondly, when your article is unique, you do not have to worry about your site visits. Then you can take some more strategies. You can, of course, find some of your topic related sites on the Internet, you can follow their activities. That is, what they do, what kind of post they make and how they are blogging and so on. So you can not copy any content from their site. You will continue to blog regularly as per your plan. Then you do not have to wait long for success.

Conclusion: By reading this post, many will think that this post does not describe any money-making strategy online. Yes, I agree with you. But if there is no strategy to make money, then from this post blog beginner or newcomers can take a lot of ideas. Which will help ease the way for them to make money? Also, I said earlier in the middle of the post that I will not discuss this post in detail. Later, I will discuss this in different posts individually. First, you have to solidify the foundation, then the earnings step will come.

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