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5 great ways to increase website speed and reduce loading time-

5 great ways to increase website speed and reduce loading time

5 great ways to increase website speed and reduce loading time

Among the various problems of the website are slow working and low loading speed. These problems can occur for a variety of reasons. Today we will talk about how to increase the loading speed of the website.

The standard time for loading a website is 5 seconds. According to Google, if a website does not fully load within 5 seconds, that website loses 5% of its visitors. That is, if the loading time of the website is more than 5 seconds, 4 out of 5 users are disturbed and refrain from visiting the website. Also, loading speed plays a very important role in search engine optimization (SEO). There is no option to increase the loading speed of the website in search results.

The main reason for the low loading speed of the website and the solution?

  1. Using low-quality hosting.
  2. The website is not configured properly.
  3. Do not optimize images.
  4. Embedded video.
  5. Use additional plugins that you need.
  6. Script problem.
Details on how to reduce the loading speed of a web site-----

What is the loading speed of the website and the solution?

It's not exactly a matter of website loading speed slows down for some reason. The loading speed of the website can be slow for various reasons. But the main reasons for this are -

  • Using low quality hosting
One of the main reasons for website loading speed is slow is the use of standard hosting. Most of the time we use low cost money to buy hosting from reputable companies. This has a detrimental effect on the loading speed of the website.
Poor Hosting

These types of companies usually buy shared hosting from overloaded servers and sell them to clients. As a result, the site is gradually slowed down. So before creating a website, you should use hosting from a repuddate company. Names like Hostgator, Bluehost and Namecheap can be used in this service. However, in many cases due to problems with a payment issue, it is difficult to get hosting from a foreign hosting company.

  • Website is not configured properly
We use a variety of plugins to create websites. When a visitor visits a website, these plugins automatically save some important data of the site to the visitor's browser. As a result, when the visitor comes to visit the site again, the site does not need much time to load the website because the data is already saved in the browser.

If you do not use cache plugins for your website, install one soon.

  1. WP Rocke (Paid)
  2. WP Super Cache
  3. WP Fast est Cache (Free)
These are some of WordPress's most popular cache plugins. You can use one of these plugins here for your website.

  • Do not optimize images
Another great reason for website loading speed is slow page size. As the page size becomes larger, it takes longer to load the page. In this case, the image used in the post plays an important role. This problem is exacerbated by the large size image manipulation.
Image compression

Ideal image format for any website is JPEG format. However, many people use PNG format images for the time being, which requires more time than normal to load the entire page of the website. So before adding the image to the post, the image should be optimized well and make sure that the image is in JPEG format.

The question may be what is the standard image size? Normally an optimized image is good for uploading to a website within 100KB. That is, more than 100KB images can be created to slow down web pages. However, be careful to reduce the image size so that the resolution of the image is not lost.

  • Embedded video
If there is a video associated with the page, we will occasionally post it to the Direct Web Host. As a result, it takes time to load the entire webpage, as well as additional time to load the video. By uploading the video to Youtube / Vimeo and embedding it in the link post, it will save a lot of time from the normal time it takes to load the page.

  • Use additional plugins that you need
Using more and more plugins is one of the reasons for the website's loading speed. We install many plugins on the site that are not needed often or do not delete them when they are finished. These plugins help reduce the loading speed of the site, so there is no alternative to using a small amount of plugins to keep the website smooth and fast.

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