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7 Tips for Being Focused in Study-

 7 Tips for Being Focused in Study

 7 Tips for Being Focused in Study
tips for being focused in study

At the table not reading the mind "This problem is less and more of us all. Suddenly, looking at the pages of the book, it seems so unbearable that the earth! It seems to look at the white wall in front of me, hour after hour, that one is leaning on the wall, the fan is rotating, I see them sitting, but do not want to read!

Think once, your parents have jobs, they have to spend a great deal of time each day in the middle of the day, outside of work, but they do not have to do this. But for you, education is like a job! It is your responsibility - to study well and to build a beautiful future. Therefore, even if the mind does not want it, it cannot be neglected to perform the duty. In order to concentrate on reading, it is no longer a problem, so scientists have done seven research to find out the seven most useful strategies. This time you will see everything will change, you will be attentive to study!

How to focus on better when studying.

1. Read on for the joy of learning, not for passing exams

How many times have I thought about reading a new topic - "What will this thing do for me in real life?"

Frankly, there are some things in the textbook that do not come up with a great need in life, but why lose the opportunity to learn a new thing?

Suppose you love to watch football, there is nothing better than watching football without sleeping all night, in your life, as much fun as playing is all over your lips. No one has ever forced you to know that, you know, in your own interest, love.

But the simple fact of the book is that you do not want to remember anything! The reason is very simple, the human mind does not want to do anything unwillingly. Just the moment you feel like "smoke! Now sit down and read them for tomorrow's test! ”Then your mind is revolting, not even a single particle will want to read. It is a great pleasure to watch the game, the interest comes from the inside, so how many goals a club gave, etc. can be easily made in your head. Arouse such interest in reading, that attention will come from yourself. Pass the exam yourself, if you enjoy studying, this knowledge will remain in the mind forever.

2. Set a goal

It's straightforward to say, "I'll shoot today!"

Is it a good goal to "shoot"?

"What happens when I grow up?"
"Get bigger!" Is that an answer? There is a specific goal. Like, say, a doctor. What diversity. How much more to the eye doctor, dentist, surgeon!

So do not say "shoot," and set a specific goal of "I will finish such chapters before evening". Then you will see that the goal will come in handy, and you will not want to get up from your chair until you get targeted! An insistence will be felt, and more and more attention will come from the inside, you set a difficult goal, and you just touch it - is there any comparison to this joy?

3. Take away the things that interfere with your mood

Maybe your Facebook is so addictive if you don't turn around the timeline once every five minutes, your breath stops, it feels like "Ish! That would be great if it wasn't for Facebook! "

In the previous era of Facebook, people did not waste time?

There was no Facebook at that time, but there was chatting in the tea shop in the neighborhood, and after-hours there was the talk of the date palm. There's nothing like the joy of wasting time, people are always freaking out in all sorts of different ways, you're no exception to me! No one died when the TV wasn't there, but now people can't be dragged from the front of the TV! Everything is actually on use. So technology is not to blame. The question is, what can be done then?

When you sit down to read, remove everything from the table. At this time there are only two entities - you and your bookstore, and nothing else exists in the world, until you are finished, plunge deep into the deep of meditation. With mobile on the front, "Just look once and see if there are any notifications!" It is impossible to contain this greed! The Bangladesh-Pakistan match is, if you sit in front of the TV with a book, "Just watch the score, just think", you will never find the bookkeeper drowned while playing! So while reading can not be given an opportunity to divert attention, all such materials must be removed from the front!

4. Reward yourself!

Who does not like to receive awards! Maybe you like chocolate, but if you play insects, get fat, etc., you can do one thing, you just have to go to the page of the book, just put a chocolate on the last page! How much trouble you have, it is worthwhile to give yourself such rewards by ignoring the fear of dental poaching!

Always get involved with such favorite things with reading, you will find that sitting and reading is not as bad as before, a lot of attention is coming! (That's the greed of favorite things!) People's instincts for the good of things, if the word "chocolate" comes to your head when you hear the word "study", what better way to study ?!

5. Small break

There will always be some people in your class, who spend the whole day wandering around, thinking of studying less, studying less than they actually are, but even after reading through the night, you get fewer numbers than them!

It makes the matter very upset? There is nothing bad about it, only one small change will be all right.

Reading hour after hour is not a task at all. As I said at the outset, your goal is to "learn", not to shake your head in front of a book! So take a short break after forty-fifty minutes of stretching. It may be possible to shake things all at once, but learning that way is almost impossible! Take some breaks, read happily, come back once you feel tired, eat something, talk for two minutes - keep your mind straight for a few minutes, you will see less time, but you are building up fast!

6. Go teach someone

We all read a lot in English, but how to get stuck in the face! You may have scrambled to read the textbook, but after seeing the exam, you have to bite your teeth at the question and think "Don't think so!"

So the best way to read something is to teach it to another person. Then you will see your own mistakes, you have to study a lot of details to answer the question of the man, you do not have to be saved until the whole thing is in your hand - how can you teach another person not to understand?

So do one thing, the thing that will be read today, I will inform the friend tomorrow it will explain to him, you will keep away from the exam, you have to pay much attention to the thought of explaining to him, you do not get the opportunity to get up from the reading table!

7. A healthy life

Waking up all night is not a great achievement! The human body is not a machine, unless it gives a certain amount of rest, it will make the body worse. It can be seen that you sleep less to save time, then spend the whole day in the eyes, nothing worked, nothing but a few hours to save the whole day. Therefore, 3-4 hours of sleep per night is very important for good health.

To relieve fatigue, exercise is one of the great things about keeping focused. If you exercise a little daily, you will see that the body looks very refreshed, as if sitting at the reading table is not going to sleep!

Keep in mind that eating and drinking are also important. Playing more fast-food, oily-heavy foods, you will definitely not have the ability to sit and work intensively! Therefore, increase the number of vegetables and fish to eat, the body will be healthy, vibrant, more attention will be given to the study.

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