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Coronavirus symptoms, risks and how to treat it

Coronavirus: The Novel Corona Virus is a deadly Chinese virus spread throughout the world. The whole world has been informed about the warning of the Novel Coronavirus. Although the first coronavirus outbreak in China, the novel coronary virus is slowly spreading to Thailand and Singapore. The Coronavirus has caused epidemics in several cities, including China's Hwan. Chinese health workers say the symptoms of coronavirus are - like pneumonia.

Last Saturday, Chinese authorities confirmed the death toll of six patients infected with the Coronavirus. And the Coronavirus has reduced the number of patients to 1200 ".

Coronavirus is building a 1,000-bed hospital in just five days to serve patients affected by the Coronavirus. The size of this Chinese hospital will be more than two and a half million square feet.

Novel Coronavirus

In the meantime, the coronavirus disease was first identified in Hwan, China, in Hwang, China. Austalia confirmed that the coronavirus is infected. Recently there were reports of nine deaths from coronary disease and at least 5 people were infected. However, no patient from the Novel Coronavirus has been found in Bangladesh, said Health Emergency Center and Director Dr. Aisa Acther. As a result, the coronavirus virus is expected to spread rapidly and widely.

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus - Coronavirus virus is named NCOV. It is a type of coronavirus. There are many different types of coronavirus, but only 5 of these can be infected in the human body.

Scientists say the (coronavirus) virus is 'mutating' the mutation inside the human cell, that is, changing the structure, taking on new forms, and especially increasing numbers. As a result, this virus can become even more deadly.

What are the coronavirus symptoms?

Coronavirus Symptoms:

  • The main symptom of the novel coronavirus virus is difficulty breathing.
  • The colon coronavirus is characterized by pneumonia.
  • There are fever and cough with the novel coronavirus.
  • Symptoms of the nasal coronavirus (coronavirus) occur in various parts of the body.
  • Pneumonia can occur if the coronavirus is infected.
Coronavirus says the coronavirus virus, it takes about 5 days for the virus to show its symptoms. The first and main symptom of coronavirus is fever. Then a dry cough appears.

coronavirus symptoms

Common human coronaviruses:

Common human coronaviruses, including types 229E, NL63, OC43, and HKU1, generally cause mild to moderate diseases in the upper respiratory tract, such as the common cold. Most people become infected with these viruses at some time in their lives. These diseases usually only last a short time. Symptoms may include.
  • runny nose
  • headache
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • fever
  • a general feeling of discomfort

Ways to Prevent CoronaVirus:

  • Be careful to avoid coronavirus.
  • Be careful of this virus to avoid coronavirus during your visit.
  • Use Mask to prevent coronavirus
  • Stay away from sick people.
  • Stay away from people with colds, coughs or pneumonia to prevent coronavirus.
  • f symptoms of the nasal coronavirus virus appear in your body, you should get immediate doctor's advice.

How can I protect myself from catching the coronavirus?

Since the coronavirus is new, no vaccine or Vactin for this coronavirus has yet been discovered that can prevent the disease. However-
  • The only way to protect yourself from coronavirus is to avoid contact with those who have already been infected or are carrying the coronavirus.
  • The doctor advised to wash the hands of the nasal coronavirus (coronavirus), to wash your hands thoroughly, not to touch the nose and mouth with your hands, and to wear a mux when walking around the room.


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