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NU 4th year Exam Routine 2020 getshelps

NU 4th year Exam Routine 2020

NU 4th year Exam Routine 2020

National University Honors 4th Year Exam Routine 2020, Honors Final Year Routine 2020: Schedule of Honors 4th Year Examination under National University has been published. According to the published schedule, the examination of the theoretical tests will start from the date of 27/2/2020 and end on 3/03/2020.

National University Honours 4th year Exam Routine 2020

The test will start at 5pm on the scheduled days. The duration of the exam will be held according to the time specified in the question paper. The schedule and centerpieces published below are given below:
NU 4th year Exam Routine 2020
NU 4th year Exam Routine 2020 nu

Nu 4th year Routine 2020- Special Note:

  1. The National university authorities can change the schedule of the examination program without showing any reason.
  2. According to the schedule, the trunk of the question paper cannot be lifted or accepted until all the theoretical tests have been completed.
  3. The digital signatures will be given at the entrance of the candidates. Print the admit card of the concerned college examiners and print the signature and provide it to the center. Instructions on this can be found on the National University Web site at
  4. Practical testing will begin once the theoretical test is finished. Practical and oral examination schedules will be reported on time. Candidates should contact their respective colleges to know the date and time of practical and oral examination.
  5. The college authorities will submit a copy of the seat details for the examinations and the center fee of Rs. 5 / - per candidate for their respective test work, at the rate of Rs. .
  6. Inquiries, practical and oral exam numbers should be downloaded and sent online through the software of the National University, and the signed copies of the examiners along with their print copies and other papers will be in the hands of the Sub-Testing Registrar, Fourth Year Honors Branch within ten (ten) business days after the completion of the theoretical examination. Have to submit in hand.

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