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SSC Suggestion 2020 English 100% common- getshelps

SSC Suggestion 2020 English 100% common

SSC Suggestion 2020 English 100% common
SSC suggestion 2020 english

SSC suggestion 2020 English: Hello my dear students, how are you? I hope you all are well and good preparation for the SSC exam. You are definitely looking for SSC Suggestion 2020. Yeah, then you've come to the right place. Today, I will not post any freelancing or income online. Today I will give you SSC Suggestion 2020. For those who wish good results in the SSC exam, today's post. Today I will only give you the English suggestion.

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SSC suggestion 2020

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SSC Suggestion 2020 PDF Download (English)

You have uploaded a copy of SSC Final Recommendation 2020 from our website, which you can collect at any time from our website. Today's recommendation applies to all education boards. The following are the educational boards for which our SSC Suggestion 2020 applies:

  1. Dhaka Board SSC Suggestion 2020
  2. Dinajpur Board's SSC Suggestion 2020
  3. Comilla Board SSC Suggestion 2020
  4. Jessore Board SSC Suggestion 2020
  5. Rajshahi Board SSC Suggestion 2020
  6. Mymensingh SSC Suggestion 2020
  7. Rangpur Board SSC Suggestion 2020
  8. Chittagong Board SSC Suggestion 2020
SSC routine 2020 download pdf

SSC Suggestion 2020- English

SSC Suggestion 2020- English 1st paper:

SSC English 1st paper contains two passages. One seen passage and another unseen passage.

Passage- A

  1. The International Mother Language ………. 
  2. Digital Bangladesh is now the ……………. 
  3. Mobile Phone is a great invention ……………. 
  4. The Internet is the latest invention …………. 
  5. The greenhouse effect is the ……….
Passage- B
  1. Lord Byron was a …………….
  2.  Humayun Ahamed was ……………. 
  3. Milton was a great poet …………. 
  4. Albert Einstein who one ……………. 
  5. The Eiffel Tower of Paris …………….
  1. Load Shedding
  2.  A Winter Morning 
  3. A Railway Station 
  4. A School Library
  5.  A Tea Stall
  6. A Book Fair
Story Writing
  1. Robert Bruce 
  2. The crow and the jar
Informal Letter
  1. Invite your friend to attend a party on your birthday. 
  2. Inviting your friend to go with you to visit a place of historical interest. 
  3. Telling him/her the importance of reading the newspaper. 
  4. Thanking him/her for his hospitality. 
  5. Expressing your condolence at his / her father's deal. 
  6. Congratulation on his brilliant Succes in the S.S.C Examination.
  1. Two friends about you.
  2.  preparation forthe SSC examination. 
  3. You and the doctor are suffering from fever. 
  4. Two friends about mobilthe e phone. 
  5. nethe cessity of reading Newspaper.

SSC Suggestion 2020- SSC English Suggestion 2020

First of all, in English-2nd edition, you need to know basic English terms in both grammar and composition. What is the SSC English Gramer part? Gramer is the most important part for students in SSC exams, because in this part students have to get the whole number if they give the correct answer.

Grammar Part

  1. Fill in the Gap (With Clues) 
  2. According to Nobodoot Test Paper: 5,12,13,14,17,20,21,42,63,72. 
  3. Fill In The Gap (Without Clues) 
  4. According to Nobodoot Test Paper: 7,9,11,12,17,20,36,37,44,45,54,59,62,71. 
  5. Substitution Table - Nobodoot Test Paper Number: 4,7,22,38,39,43,48,49,61,71. 
  6. Right Form of Verb- Nobodoot Test Paper: 10,12,19,24,35,38,41,46,51,52,60,65,79,80. 
  7. Narration / Speech- Same Book Number: 7,12,24,32,33,34,35,41,47,76. 
  8. Changing Sentence - Nobodoot Book Number: 7,9,11,12,15,32,37,39,47,49,63,75
  9.  Completing Sentence - Nobodoot Book Test Paper Number: 2,11,17,19,24,26,30,50,53,67. 
  10. Suffix and Prefixes - Nobodoot Test Paper Number: 7,12,14,20,26,46,47,51,53,62,72
  11.  Tag Question- Nobodoot Test Paper Book Number: 7,11,16,20,38,40,41,51,55,60. 
  12. Sentence Connectors - Nobodoot Test Papers Number: 8,9,11,14,15,33,35,39,48,59,71,74. 
  13. Puncuation and Capitalization - Nobodoot Test Paper Suggestion Number: 16,32,33,4053,54,56,57,63,78.
Writing Part-
  1. Writing CV With Cover Lette
  2.  A CV with a cover letter for the post of a Senior / Junior / Assistant Officer in a Bank. 
  3. For the post of a teacher / lecturer with a cover letter. 
  4. Write a CV with a cover letter for the post of an IT Officer / Programmer / Software Engineer.
Formal Latter Writing
  1. Opening / becoming common room facilities 
  2. For permission to go to a study tour. 
  3. For Opening a Debating Club.
Paragraph Writing
  1. The Life of a Farmer 
  2. The Use and Abuse of Mobile Phones in Bangladesh 
  3. The benefits of Early Rising 
  4. Traffic Jam
  1. The benefits of Reading Newspaper. 
  2. Modern Science 
  3. The Season You Like Most. 
  4. Duties of Students. 
  5. Physical Exercise
You may see SSC English 2nd Paper 100% Common Suggestion for ALL Board

In the next post, we will bring you Math Final Suggestion 2020.

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