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5 best Adsense alternatives 2020 with easy approval- getshelps

5 best Adsense alternatives 2020 with easy approval- for Bangla blog.

5 best Adsense alternatives 2020
5 best Adsense alternatives

5 best Adsense alternatives 2020: When you think of income from a blog site, we first think of Google AdSense. Google AdSense is Google's big business. But many of us do not get approval for Google Adsense. However, Google Adsense alternative Ad Network companies from which we can earn a lot of good money. So today I will introduce you to the Adsense alternative 2020 ad network company. Which also gives good CPC in Bangladesh.

Adsense alternatives for low traffic

Google AdSense Ad network is a program run by, which allows publishers of the content blog site's Google Ad Network to serve automated text ads, images ads, videos Ads and rich media ads that are targeted to the site's content and visitors.

These ads are handled, picked up and maintained by Google and may generate revenue on a per-click or per-impression basis.

5 best Adsense alternatives

But with Google's increasingly seamless and rigorous guidelines, you'll know that your AdSense account is one day disabled. The best Adsense alternative Ad network I've seen is -
  • Popads
  • Propellerads
  • Adstrra.
  • A-ads
  • Green-red (G&R) only Bangladesh

Adsense alternative 2020

5 best Adsense alternatives 2020 with easy approval

Adsense alternative 2020- Popads alternative:

Popads Adsense alternative

Popads Adsense alternative is a premium pop advertising network. Popads is a good Ad Network for low traffic because they have no minimum traffic requirements.

Popads ads network started in 2010 and promises a 100% fill rate. They approve all types of blogs, including illegal blocks, porn sites, and other "adult" related content. Once you have Signup, alternate Setup Automatic Withdrawal. That way, you'll be automatically paid when you reach the end of the minimum payment.

4 Adsense alternatives for Bangla blog- click here
popads Publisher:
  • High CPM rate compared to other networks
  • No minimum traffic requirements
  • The minimum payment is $ 5 dollars
  • Auto withdraw money
Popads corns:
The only payment mode available is PayPal, Payoneer. Signup popads to click here

Adsense alternative- Proppellerads:

Properllerads Adsense alternative

Properllerads Adsense alternative is a CPM network best ad network for beginners or intermediate bloggers. All you need to do is sign up;
  • Popunder ads.
  • Display banner ad
  • Direct link ads
  • Intersil ads
  • Mobile display banner ads
  • Mobile popunder ads.
You can create anywhere between $ 1- $ 4 for 1000 views.
Propellerads are easy to get started with ads network and they pay using Payoneer, WebManaged and other methods.
Click here to Signup properllerads

Adstrra AdSense alternative:

Adstrra is a Premium Advertising Network (ad network). The Adstrra Adsense alternative ad network started its journey in the 21st and soon gained a lot of popularity. The reason for this popularity is their good quality of service, various types of ad formats and payment at the right time. Just look at their website and think about how learned they are.
Adstrra AdSense alternative

Adstrra Why Premium Aid Network - Adsterra Review
  • Adstrra serves approximately 3 billion + Ads impressions per month.
  • Almost all countries pay for the visitor.
  • Supports other languages besides English.
  • Currently, they have about 20,000+ advertising campaigns.
Adstrra is a highly trusted ad network. No negative reviews were found about this. So you can work freely.

Click here to Signup Adstrra

A- ads ad network- AdSense alternative:

A-Ads provides a labeling tool to distinguish between advertisers. Each ad on the network receives a tag (Risky Investments, Shady, etc.). Publishers use manual moderation to ban unwanted tags. The minimum withdrawal threshold for A-Ads is 0.001 BTC.

Green-red (G&R) ads network:

G&R ad network AdSense alternative

G&R ad network AdSense alternative this is only good for Bangladesh's blog Website. This is the best in Bangladesh's ad network. They provide display, banner aids.
  • It is a higher CPM rate than other networks
  • No minimum traffic requirements
  • Minimum Payout 1000tk.
  • Fast approval.
These Ads networks pay 5%. If the article benefits you, please share it.

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